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Pastoral Council



Mission Statement:

The mission of St. Margaret Mary’s Pastoral Council is to provide direction for the growth and well being of our parish community with the guidance of the Holy Spirit by inviting all to come forth. St. Margaret Mary is a Catholic Christian community of varied ethnic backgrounds committed to the gospel Values of Peace, Justice, and Love.


Is to serve by promoting emotional, spiritual, and physical support to all within the Parish community.

The Pastoral Council has been working on providing direction for growth within our church. Parishioners were given a church survey and from this survey the PC has been working on finalizing the church goals. Church goals were finalized. Strategies and steps have been finalized and along with our capital campaign we have already begun Phase I of our implementation process. Repairs and needed maintenance within our church grounds has already begun. It has been a long and very successful process that everyone has worked really hard with. Strategies have begun to be implemented and we are focusing on our capital campaign for St. Margaret Mary. I thank all of the members of the pastoral council who have been instrumental in the implementation of our goals and next phase of completion. They have worked without hesitation and have been committed, dedicated to our cause.

The Nature and Role of:

St. Margaret Mary’s Pastoral Council is composed of members of the parish and of the Pastoral Staff, (Deacons, D.R.E., Pastoral Associate, and Principal, etc.) who form one body with the Pastor. The Christian faithful share their collective wisdom, gained through lives experience. They share responsibility with the pastor for the spiritual and material growth and well-being of the parish. The Pastoral Council is a reflection and planning group which, through processes of both personal and communal Christian formation, prayer and discernment, help the parish community to:

1. Be in touch with its identity and values;
2. To be aware of significant trends affecting parish life;
3. To articulate its mission;
4. To establish achievable goals;
5. To evaluate the life of the parish in the light of the Gospel

To reach consensus decisions, open and free discussion is necessary pertaining to the pastoral life of the parish. The Council�s decisions shall become final and binding when ratified by the Pastor. Flexibility and collaboration should be the underlying principles of the organization.

Purpose of the Pastoral Council:

The Pastoral Council is a distinct group because of its representative nature, consultative role, and consensus-seeking process. It attempts to be the “eyes and ears” of the Parish guided by the Holy Spirit. It is consultative to the Pastor and a representative body of the faithful focusing on the whole Christian community. The Council provides a means for uniting the parish community in expressing its collective wisdom concerning pastoral plans and activities. The Pastoral Council’s task is to give counsel and seek consultation. Its role is to understand, reflect carefully and prayerfully, and to seek consensus regarding matters of the Parish. All Council recommendations and decisions will be developed by consensus; however, under certain circumstances the Pastor and the Council may choose to attain a majority through voting to decide a course of action. All decisions are guided by the Holy Spirit in the best interest of the needs of the parishioners of St. Margaret Mary.

Parish Pastoral Councils – Function

The general function of the Parish Pastoral Council is to advise the Pastor in those pastoral matters presented to it by the Pastor. It carries out its function by:

  1. Informing the Pastor of the needs and concerns, gifts and resources of the whole parish and its members;
  2. Developing and reviewing a parish mission statement (which will always contain the name of Jesus) and periodically re-evaluating and revising it;
  3. Developing a parish pastoral plan;
  4. Participating in ongoing pastoral planning;
  5. Recommending policies, procedures and programs which would assist in the implementation of the mission statement and the parish pastoral plan;
  6. Reviewing and evaluating the effectiveness of existing programs;
  7. Reflecting on Archdiocesan pastoral priorities and recommending how they can be implemented in the parish.
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