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The St. Margaret Maryʼs Parish Liturgy Committee coordinates regular and special liturgies, and plans for long-term liturgical needs of the Parish at monthly meetings. The Committee is composed of representatives from St. MMʼs Liturgical Ministries, St. Catherineʼs Chapel, the Pastoral Offices, and all the Parish Deacons.
Liturgies are important to the spiritual life of every person that attends St. MMʼs Parish, both parishioners and visitors. The Committee plans for different kinds of liturgies that are inclusive of the various groups of parishioners (with special sensitivity to the Hispanic culture & language) to enrich liturgies, to be creative in symbolism, to meet the growing needs of the parish and be pro-active to St. Margaret Maryʼs Parish needs.
Meets 1st Tuesday of each month. Representatives from each liturgical ministry meet to prepare for upcoming liturgical events, including Sunday, weekday, Holy Day of Obligation and special liturgies.

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