Youth Ministry

Saint Margaret Mary Youth Ministry helps young people foster a lifelong relationship with Jesus Christ and the Church in an environment where teens can actively participate in their church community, ask questions, and leave prepared to live as disciples of Christ in the world.

“To help children, young people and adults to know and love the Lord more and more is one of the most exciting aspects of education. It builds up the Church!” – Pope Francis

Quince Años Celebration – XV

A Quinceañera mass is a celebration of a girl’s 15th birthday, her transition from childhood to womanhood. A private mass is held to celebrate her transition, but also for a personal affirmation of faith by the young woman and a pledge to become a good Christian to serve the community.


A peer-to-peer retreat that focuses on building a deeper relationship with God through Adoration, Community, Theology and Service themes. Interactions with youth and adults concerning religious, spiritual, moral, and social issues; prayer and scripture sharing; physical games, socialize, etc.

Youth Events and Retreats

Youth attend city-wide events scheduled by the Youth Staying Connected Office from the Center of Charismatic Renewal and the Office of Youth Ministry of the Archdiocese. Middle School and High School students participate once a year. This retreat is partnered with the Southeast Deanery and is created with a theme age appropriate, spiritual message of the gospel for spiritual growth. Some retreats may be as mentioned above. Retreats may be off-site.

Social Nights

(e.g.: movie nights, lock-ins, etc.)
Youth meet once a month for building friendships and strong community, but also for strengthening their faith and understanding of their Catholic religion, teaching them using media and scriptures.