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Covenant of Love

First Meeting will be on September 28th at 7 pm Location: Activity Center come by office to register.

We are blessed to have Covenant of Love Ministry coming to our Parish: St. Margaret Mary Catholic Church. The Covenant of Love “Date Nights” is a ministry provided to the couples of our Parish to help enrich and support Catholic marriages. Attendees will discover God’s plan for marriage as well as gain practical tools to build a stronger and more joy-filled marriage
Our date nights will be once a month, on Fridays or Saturdays from 7-9 at our Parish Hall. We will offer “Baby Sitting” so our lovely couples who have children can join us with no limitations. Dinner will be provided and you can BYOB Please let us know if you are interested on “Covenant of Love” Ministry and also if you would like to be part of the Core Team. We are bringing this and many other ministries to our Parish, so please let us know if you are interested of being considered to be part of our Ministry Staff.
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