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Archbishop’s Appeal

Archbishop’s Appeal 2017
The 2017 Archbishop’s Appeal Campaign has begun. The theme for this year is Disciples, Sent by the Spirit.
The Archdiocese Archbishop’s Appeal goal is $4,500,000. Our parish Appeal goal is $27,592. By now you should have received a letter from Archbishop
Gustavo requesting your participation in the 2017 Archbishop’s Appeal. Please respond to his request by praying how you and your family can provide a gift to this year’s Appeal.
Thank You to all Who will and have contributed to the 2017 Archbishop’s Appeal. A Second Letter from the Archbishop will be sent out on a later date to those of you who have not yet responded to the Appeal to provide another opportinity to share your thirst with those in need during the 2016 Arcbishop’s Appeal.
To Learn more abojut the impact of our support to the appeal:   Visit:
The campaign city wide goal is: $4,500,000.00
Our Parish Goal is 2017: $27,592.00
Our Parish Goal is 2016: $32,606.00
Gracias a todos los que han contribuido a la Campaña de Arzobispo de 2015.  Una segunda carta del Arzobispo será enviado en una fecha posterior a aquellos que todavía no han respondido a la Campaña, para darles otra oportunidad de compartir sus bienes con los necesitados, durante la Campaña del Arzobispo de 2015.
Para más información de los ministerios patrocinados visite el sitio en internet de la Campaña a Visiten:
La meta total del arquidiócesis es: $4,500,000.00
La meta de nuestra parroquia es de 2017: $27,592.00
La meta de nuestra parroquia es de 2016: $32,600.00